Is a good NFT Plaftorm?

Updated: Jul 29

Hello all, Jams2blues here, The Maker of Rainbows. I have been minting NFTs on for over 9 months now and I must say, they are a great NFT platform.

Ups and downs

They are a bit small right now compared to other platforms, but are growing fast. When I first joined back in November 2021 I wasn't sure what I was getting into with NFTs, and it was all alien to me. I knew what NFTs were, and had recently watched a TED talk about them, which ultimately sparked my interest. Voice has an EDU blog that made learning about NFTs so incredibly easy for me, I watch all of their videos and started selling NFTs in just 5 days after joining their platform . They just got out of Beta a few months ago, and as promised, have been fulfilling all of the community's requests for features and updates to the platform, making it decentralized, building bridges to other carbon neutral blockchains, and implementing vote by majority type changes.

How does Voice compare to other platforms?

Voice is its own animal entirely. I am a member of Opensea, Rarible, Objkt, Teia, Foundation, Known Origin, and NFTs. Out of all of the NFT platforms, Voice is the one that offers a seamless and easy to use platform, with the least amount of confusion. It is also Free to mint (all the other platforms cost gas fees, minting fees). Voice offers the ability to use a credit card for payment of NFTs as well, so dealing with crypto is less of a hassle loading and unloading your crypto wallets with $USDC. Unlike the other platforms mentioned above, Voice uses the Stable-coin (US Dollar Coin) USDC, which has proven to be a great choice due to current bear market controversy in the world of NFTs. 1 USDC is always worth $1, and the value of the NFTs on this user friendly platform are always worth what they were when initially minted. All in all, I foresee Voice becoming a giant of the NFT industry in web3 and the metaverse, as it is still young, yet they have overcome many hurdles already which many of the other platforms are continuing to struggle with, like lack of response from tech support, the inability to keep up with and sustain a growing network and community, and not to mention Carbon Footprints! It is so important to me as an artist that the NFT platform is doing something to battle against the big bad carbon footprint. Voice has this nailed with their EOSIO based blockchain, making all the other Eth based NFT platforms simply look like planet killers. Voice also builds bridges with other carbon neutral blockchains, like Wax, Greymass (eos), Polygon, and soon to be Tezos; this is so that you can send your purchased NFTs to these other blockchains, and display them in your wallets elsewhere, making Voice the first TRUELY Decentralized NFT Platform, tying all of the best ones together.

Community oriented NFT platform.

Voice has one of the most active and social communities I've seen out of any of the other platforms. Voice offers spotlights for artists, features for artist, and they even retweet some posts you tag them in on social media! They are very community oriented, and they actually seem to care about the artists joining their community. They have a public discord: anyone can join, and move up the social ranks of the discord to earn features, spotlights, and more. Their discord is full of artists like me, talking about everything from crypto to fine art, animations, music, literature, language, and the state of the world. Be sure to check out their community and see what it is all about, say hi to me when you get in there! @jams2blues#2662 is my discord handle.

All in all, I give Voice a 10/10 rating for everything they do. They support LGBTQIA+ all year round, and have a residency program that pays and supports artists with their NFT projects. Everything they do amazes me, and it is only a matter of time before Voice is THE NFT platform of choice.

Thanks for reading, you can always catch me out there as @jams2blues on virtually every known platform, don't be afraid to reach out if you have any questions, comments, concerns. Just remember to support artists, share what you like, and give all you got. this world needs more kindness, and creativity. Save The World With Art™

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