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PƧYFΛM | PƧYDΛO The Psyborg Gallery Exhibition in London Fine Art and Psychedelic Artists #psyfam⚛️

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Check the Eventbrite party to sign up, and go to this amazing event: here

I am extremely excited to be able to say, that I (jams2blues) am an internationally exhibited artist for the first time, as of November 19th 2022, in my first exhibit outside of my homeland of the USA. I am among some of the best artists in the psychedelic art business in a transformative and eye-opening, cognitive, Fine Art group called #psyfam founded by Claudio Bel, Vinni Kiniki, & Gummy LSD. Be sure to check for all future events, exhibitions, and featured artists in the new era of fine art: THE BIGGEST, art movement since the Pop art movement of the 60s, NFTs and digital space, the metaverse, web3 art. Psychedelic art is the art of the awoken culture of the millennium, where we share love, kindness, surreal subconscious dreamscapes, and evolutionary innovative inventions to portray creative expressions about spirituality, consciousness, emotions, existence, non-existence, and more. Art is a monolith and testament to our fleeting existence in this universe; it is also a key to cognitive evolution and we are here to always improve and learn from it. "Imagination is more important than knowledge..." -Albert Einstein This exhibition is also available in the metaverse created by Claudio Bel, and can be seen here:

Here is a quick peek inside:

Some of my works you will see in there are "Eye See You", "Neuron", each an infinite zoom art animation also known as a zoomquilt, they take a very long time to make, as well as custom soundtracks to match each animation. Sales of each of these NFTs plants trees! Another is the sonic and kinetic digital collaboration with the master artist himself, Vinni Kiniki: "Psychedelic Alien Haze 🌌👽🌿" where I was able to compose a custom soundtrack based on what I hear (synesthesia, see my bio on the homepage) while looking at Vinni's awesome gallery. Our collaboration only has so many editions left, grab one while you can! We have already donated $50 USD to MAPS from this charity collab.

As an artist, art business owner, and curator myself, I am not hesitating to purchase NFTs from each of the exhibited artists in this amazing London art Exhibition. In the digital age we live in, where anyone can create and post NFTs for sale, I certainly would look more into the artists that have longevity and promise in the business. Having an exhibition is a wonderful attribute to one's portfolio, and ads tremendous value and prestige to an artists bravado. Thank you for what you do, and never stop creating. Never stop supporting art and creation in this world. Here is a list to the links of each artist in this exhibit to their twitter accounts. Be sure to follow them all, and watch them grow into the beyond: Vinni Kiniki , Claudio Bel , GummyLSD , Metamushrooms , Cosmonutty , Paatideas , Ulkamak , Ferociously Amused , CER , 0xdavos_eth , AiiraMeridA , Sleeplessmonk.nft , Majimagart , jams2blues , Ilham , Dadara , Aoife , Velit Marcelo , CyberMysticGarden , OfirK Design , EM! , IZZZI , ALIENQUEEN , Iaconsciancia , EnkiEa , SrRAKE , Guruguruhyena , Giaccartaa , Jungle Symbol , P0ng , GydravlikS , Ezra Igor , Ke Visuals , VJ Deliria , AXANA017 , Push_gfx , The Dude Abides , Offline.xo , Pai Lactobacillus , Chrryt , LaserLewDude , NFTSizzle , MrsSizzle , Nica

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