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About Jams2blues
(James Lee)

Born with a guitar in one hand and a paintbrush in the other

Introducing James Lee: The Polymath of Art and Music

Meet James Lee, the multi-talented artist, musician, and visionary behind Jams2blues Creations LLC. With over 20 years of experience in various art forms, James' passion for creating has led him to become internationally exhibited within a year of stepping out of the "art closet." His unique abilities have earned him the titles of "Polymath" and "Maker of Rainbows."

James, along with his partner, Anna Lee, established Jams2blues Creations LLC in November 2021. Their mission, "Save The World With Art™," drives their dedication to making the world a better place through creative and philanthropic endeavors. The company owns and operates and, showcasing a vast array of art, music, animations, and more.

As a testament to their commitment to sustainability, Jams2blues Creations plants trees for every merchandise and NFT sold. Through their charity fundraisers, they've supported organizations such as Unicef, Save The Children, and The Rainforest Trust. Their collaborations with emerging and established artists from around the world create a diverse and inclusive environment that promotes growth and creativity.

A virtuoso guitarist, singer, and songwriter, James is also skilled in Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and various other artistic disciplines. His Synesthesia, a rare neurological condition affecting 1 in 2000 people, allows him to hear colors and see music. This extraordinary gift has helped him create hand-drawn fractals, optical-surrealism, photorealistic graphite artworks, surrealistic paintings, mixed media pieces, and innovative animations backed by original neoclassical compositions.

Despite his neurodivergent background, including Tourette's Syndrome, and brain damage from a 2019 accident, James considers his conditions a superpower. Art therapy has been a crucial part of his journey, enabling him to overcome obstacles and inspire others with similar experiences.

The Jams2blues Creations LLC studio, co-owned by James and Anna Lee, is dedicated to producing fine art, music, poetry, NFTs, and merchandise that supports various charitable causes. Their projects raise awareness for Mental Health, LGBTQIA+, Equality, and Marginalized communities, emphasizing the power of art as a transformative and unifying force in society.

In collaboration with artists worldwide, Jams2blues Creations seeks to elevate philanthropic art and contribute to global change. The company's charity pool supports organizations such as Save The Children, The Rainforest Trust, and The Adolescent Self-Injury Foundation, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to a better future.

Join James and Anna Lee in their quest to "Save The World With Art™" and be part of a movement that celebrates creativity, empowerment, and positive change. Follow their journey on their website, LinkedIn profile, and Twitter blog, and contribute to their inspiring mission to build a more inclusive, sustainable, and compassionate world through the power of art and music.

I am officially an internationally exhibited artist as of Nov. 19 2022! see my blog


James Lee -left


Anna Lee -Right



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November 16, 2021 - Present

James Lee - President of Jams2blues Creations LLC

An artist studio built on philanthropy, Co-founded by James and Anna Lee-- the inseparable art duo and married couple.  Together we are going to "Save The World With Art™".

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Featured NFT collection Tezos (more on Solana, Eth)
Also now available on T-shirts and Hoodies in our store.
The Zodiacs

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With perpetual Sustainability Utility on Tezos
"Periodic Table of Elements"

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