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About Jams2blues
(James Lee)

Born with a guitar in one hand and a paintbrush in the other

Embarking on an artistic odyssey, James Lee, alongside his life-partner Anna Lee, co-founded Jams2blues Creations LLC to channel the boundless potential of art and music for societal transformation. Their mission, "Save The World With Art™," manifests through digital havens that celebrate human creativity, and eco-conscious practices that contribute to global betterment.

James' neurodivergent synesthetic abilities, intertwined with life's challenges, fuel his artistry, serving as an inspirational beacon for many. The Jams2blues studio, a sanctum of creativity co-managed by James and Anna, champions diverse causes, embodying their belief in the transformative power of artistic expression.

Join James and Anna in their quest to transcend creative boundaries and catalyze positive change. Stay connected, and contribute to their vision for a compassionate, inclusive, and sustainable world through the spellbinding realm of art and music.

I am officially an internationally exhibited artist as of Nov. 19 2022! see my blog

Jams2blues was selected among a group of extremely talented psychedelic artists for a group exhibition in the Psybord Gallery in London.  This is a social media flyer made by the DAO Jams2blues is a member of for the Psyfam community of psychedelic artists.

James Lee -left


Anna Lee -Right


A photo of the inseperable art duo James and Anna Lee, President and Ceo respectively of Jams2blues Creations LLC, and the Save The World With Art™ store.

Watch our Interview with Celebrity NFT Personality LeDrop With Cheese (Joey Dunne) 👇🏽🔥

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Featured NFT collection Tezos (more on Solana, Eth)
Also now available on T-shirts and Hoodies in our store.
The Zodiacs

Featured Animation Collection
With perpetual Sustainability Utility on Tezos
"Periodic Table of Elements"

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Art Competition Exhibition flyer for Jams2blues Creations LLC.  Leads to our Spatial Gallery full of curated content purchased by James and Anna Lee, displayed in the Metaverse and up for auction.  Some of the best curated fine art and NFTs on secondary by the internationally acclaimed artist Jams2blues, as he and his wife support artists from all over the world, using a portion of proceeds from every sale to plant trees.

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