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Born with a guitar in one hand and a paintbrush in the other

About Jams2blues Creations LLC:

In the vibrant tapestry of Jams2blues Creations LLC, every thread is woven with purpose, passion, and a profound commitment to making a difference. Co-founded by James Lee and Anna Lee, our studio is more than just a space for art and music—it's a crucible for change, where creativity meets purpose to spark a global transformation.

Our Mission: To Save The World With Art™

At the core of our journey is a simple, yet powerful belief: art has the power to heal, unite, and inspire action towards a better future. This belief drives everything we do, from our breathtaking art installations and soul-stirring musical performances to our groundbreaking sustainability projects and community initiatives.

What We Do:

Jams2blues is an ecosystem of creativity, encompassing:

  • Artistic Innovation: We create art that transcends visual and auditory experiences, inviting viewers and listeners into immersive narratives that challenge, delight, and inspire.

  • Musical Odyssey: Our music is not just heard; it's felt. It's an exploration of the deepest human emotions, a journey through soundscapes that blend the traditional with the avant-garde.

  • Sustainability Projects: Our commitment to the planet is unwavering. Through innovative art-driven projects, we advocate for environmental conservation, aiming to leave the world better than we found it.

  • Educational Outreach: We believe in the power of education to ignite creative sparks. Our workshops, apps, and programs are designed to empower individuals of all ages to explore their creativity and potential.

  • Community Engagement: Our studio is a hub for collaboration, bringing together artists, thinkers, activists, and dreamers to foster a culture of inclusivity and collective action.

Our Vision:

Imagine a world where art is not just a reflection of society but a catalyst for reshaping it. A world where every brushstroke, every note, every word carries the weight of intention and the promise of impact. This is the world we're creating through Jams2blues Creations LLC.

With each project, we're not just breaking records or pushing boundaries; we're weaving a narrative of hope, resilience, and innovation. We're showing that art is not a solitary endeavor but a communal journey towards understanding, empathy, and sustainability.

Join Us!

As you navigate through the tapestry of our creations, we invite you to join us in this journey. Whether through engaging with our art, participating in our projects, or simply sharing our story, you become a part of a larger movement. A movement that believes in the transformative power of art to Save The World.

Together, let's create, inspire, and change the world—one art piece at a time.

I am officially an internationally exhibited artist as of Nov. 19 2022! see my blog

Jams2blues was selected among a group of extremely talented psychedelic artists for a group exhibition in the Psybord Gallery in London.  This is a social media flyer made by the DAO Jams2blues is a member of for the Psyfam community of psychedelic artists.

James Lee -left


Anna Lee -Right


A photo of the inseperable art duo James and Anna Lee, President and Ceo respectively of Jams2blues Creations LLC, and the Save The World With Art™ store.
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Art Competition Exhibition flyer for Jams2blues Creations LLC.  Leads to our Spatial Gallery full of curated content purchased by James and Anna Lee, displayed in the Metaverse and up for auction.  Some of the best curated fine art and NFTs on secondary by the internationally acclaimed artist Jams2blues, as he and his wife support artists from all over the world, using a portion of proceeds from every sale to plant trees.

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