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🎸 Symphony of Endurance: James Lee's World Record Guitar solo Marathon without a break 🌟

Make your tax deductible donations in support of women and children. It goes directly to Stepping Stones Safe Haven


Dive into an unparalleled musical odyssey with James Lee's groundbreaking 25-hour guitar solo, a testament to the indomitable spirit of artistry and compassion. This unparalleled journey weaves through the heart of musical diversity, embracing over 170 backing tracks from global artists, each harmonizing with James's virtuosic improvisations. From the serene whispers of meditative drones to the electrifying roars of metal, experience the boundless realms of genres brought to life under the relentless agility of his fingers.

Beyond a mere quest for a world record, this marathon stands as a vibrant tapestry of resilience, uniting the strings of melody with the chords of humanity. James's dedication illuminated the path not just to personal glory but to a profound cause—supporting Stepping Stones Safe Haven, a sanctuary for women and children in need. Amidst the echoes of his guitar, each note carried the weight of hope, transforming the fabric of music into a beacon of tangible aid.

With every strum that breached the limits of human endurance, and through the trials of physical tolls, James's journey was more than a performance; it was a movement. A movement that resonated with the essence of sacrifice, where even moments of silence spoke volumes of his unwavering resolve.

Join us in reliving this extraordinary saga:

Beneath this chronicle of relentless passion and musical genius lies an opportunity for you to partake in this legacy. By contributing to Stepping Stones Safe Haven through the donation button above the video, your support not only celebrates this monumental achievement but also extends the melody of hope to those in need.

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