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🎸 Symphony of Endurance: James Lee's 1st attempt, World Record Guitar solo Marathon without a break 🌟

Make your tax deductible donations in support of women and children. It goes directly to Stepping Stones Safe Haven


Dive into an Unparalleled Musical Odyssey

Join me on a groundbreaking 25-hour guitar solo journey, showcasing my indomitable spirit and passion for art. This marathon performance, featuring over 170 backing tracks from global artists, spans genres from meditative drones to electrifying metal, highlighting James's virtuosity and dedication.

This extraordinary event wasn't just about breaking records; it was about supporting Stepping Stones Safe Haven, a sanctuary for women and children in need. Each note played carried the weight of hope, turning music into a beacon of aid and compassion.

Relive the Journey:

Support the Next Guinness World Record Attempt

James is gearing up for a 26+ hour guitar solo to set a new Guinness World Record. This attempt requires $12,000 for marketing, a camera crew, and an official adjudicator. Your support will help make this event official and amplify its impact, aiming to plant 1,000,000 trees.

Help back me and support the costs of GWR expenses to make this record as big as possible. One of the best ways to support me is through Web3 BackerBucks, where you get benefits for supporting me such as signed art, digital art airdrops, exclusive interviews, and more: Support on Artisanally.

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