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6th Official Jams2blues Creations LLC, NFT art competition winners "Anything Goes"

Jams2blues Creations hosted their 1st art competition outside of Voice on for the months of November-December. 11 super talented winners were chosen instead of the pre-elected 10. We choose unbiasedly as the President James Lee, and the CEO Anna Lee, of Jams2blues Creations LLC curate the entire competition. James's (jams2blues) primary job is to filter out any stolen images, unoriginal/unlicensed fan art, and intellectual property rights violations before passing the rest off to be analyzed and curated by his business partners with no names attached, just the art. There were over 100 entries to choose from this time and it was both difficult and entertaining to choose. Many of the entries have been added to our wish list and we will be retweeting them regularly. I will say with pride, that this is the first of all of our competitions where there were absolutely no unoriginal/copyright problems with any of the entries.

We decided to let the 6th NFT art competition theme be "Anything Goes" and there was a little bit of everything as to be expected. We chose the winners based on originality, technique, composition, experimentation, and signature style. Some of the best artists in the meta space entered this month's competition, and we are proud to have them displayed in our galleries. Each one has been relisted for a more than reasonable price, and can be collected directly from our virtual gallery designed by Yugen, one of the winners this month.

The 6th Gallery for the winners includes an amazing hand cut paper artwork by Adriana Mugia , Sublime in the moment photography by Thorium, Digital Painting by Mons24, a hand drawn animation by Frederick Shultz , Digital drawing by Punky Sparrow , 3D Voxel art by Yugen , Hybrid traditional Painting with AI embellishments by Joie Nemezys , Traditional/digital/AI hybrid artist and musician KxMxLane , NFT & Visual art, animation, and soundscape by Marcus Correa , Digital art drawn on a Track Pad by Ebube , and Photography, AI, Digital art hybrids by ArtH20

Jams2blues Creations LLC is proud to announce the winners of 2022's last art competition by us. 2023 is going to be very interesting, and we are excited to keep things fun. We have decided to make lucky number 7 an art competition for NFT Collectors. We will be hosting a competition near the end of February 2023, for secondary sales ONLY. In other words, we are willing to buy and exhibit art you have purchased as a collector, that would like to turn a profit from your collection, and we will then curate and exhibit those artists based on your tastes as collectors. Secondary sales are just as important, if not more so than the initial sales artists receive traditionally, and in the meta space. We have grown as an art business well enough over the last year to be able to do this, as what is left over from our personal sales and profits after planting trees, and supporting world changing charities like Save The Children, goes to these art competitions and supporting other artists. Its due time we support collectors this time around.

Keep an eye out for more news and events by Jams2blues Creations LLC and by subscribing to us, and following us on socials @jams2blues on everything #jams2blues be sure to leave our art business a review on Google as well, we are always on a mission to make the world a better place using art, music, animation, and entertainment.

Plant trees,

Support Artists,

Save The World With Art™

©2022 by Jams2blues Creations LLC

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