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Get Ready for the Ultimate NFT Art Competition: Life & the Future

Are you an aspiring artist, a skilled NFT creator, or simply someone who loves to express themselves through art? Get ready to unleash your creativity and win big in the Ultimate NFT Art Competition hosted by Jams2blues Creations LLC! This is your chance to showcase your NFT art in our galleries and grab a chance to be featured at the @NFT_NYC Kickoff Satellite Event on April 11th, 4:15 PM CST!

About the Competition:

The theme for this year's competition is Life & the Future, inviting artists to share their vision of the world as it evolves and the potential impact of technology on our lives. We're challenging participants to create mixed media art pieces, blending AI with any other form of art.

To participate, mint your art on @objktcom #tezos, and make sure your work is original – no fan or copycat art allowed. Share your masterpiece on Twitter with #j2bartcompetition and follow @ledropwcheese.

Collaboration & Prizes:

We highly encourage collaboration among participants, although it's not mandatory for this contest. When you join the Ultimate NFT Art Competition, you're not only showing off your creative skills but also competing for incredible prizes. Winners will receive:

✅ Promotion by Jams2blues Creations LLC ✅ An official Certificate of Achievement as an NFT ✅ Permanent Virtual Gallery Exhibitions ✅ Pinned features on @J2B_Art_Gallery & more! ✅ A blog post on ✅ Tree-planting for NFT resales

Kickoff Party & Live Winner Announcement:

Don't miss the Kickoff Party at the Brand Experience Lab, hosted by the fabulous NFT celeb @ledropwcheese! The winners of the #j2bartcompetition will be announced live during the event. To RSVP, visit

Deadline & Rules:

Remember, the deadline for submission is April 9th, midnight CST. Be sure to follow the competition rules to the T to ensure your entry qualifies for the contest.

We would like to thank our amazing fans and followers for making events like these possible! Collaborate, share, and interact with each other – the world is a better place for it!

Now it's time to put your creative skills to the test and join the Ultimate NFT Art Competition! Good luck and may the best artist win!

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