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Jams2blues Creations Monthly NFT art Competition

Jams2blues Creations LLC will be hosting a monthly art competition on @jams2blues pinned tweet every month. On the first day of each month, James Lee and his soulmate and business partner Anna Lee will be curating NFT artworks from hundreds of entries, buying from winners, and exhibiting them in a virtual art gallery. This competition is only going to be hosted on, the best carbon neutral NFT platform there is. It is gas free, free to mint, you can buy NFTs with a credit card, and has bridges to other large blockchains like Wax, EOS, and Polygon. Jams2blues Creations has been with voice since their early beta testing times, and has watched them grow significantly. Nothing beats Carbon Neutral in our eyes, which is why we host this NFT art competition on Voice, and no other platforms every month. The winners of the competition will also be awarded official J2B art competition certificates, for use in portfolios and resumes, which is our goal to give recognition and credit where it is due. Anything to help artists in this world grow, and become more than they ever dreamed.

Access to this art competition can be found at the top most link in our linktree, and in our pinned tweet on twitter, where it will be updated with a new type of artwork competition every month. Last month we chose rainbow dragons for pride month. This month is almost over! it is 7/24, so 7 days left until the surreal photo competition comes to an end.

Here are the winning entries from last months art competition, currently exhibited in one of our virtual art galleries (full of easter eggs) and all are live sales/auctions.

Thanks for entering the first of many art competitions, and congratulations Eric Sunday, Ozanmutluoglu, Jacktuber, Yahsahra & Phillip Marlo, Cameron (Cmurk3nft), Alix Bache, Emre Y (bearwithapencil) Check them out and follow their profiles on, and on twitter. Winning Dragons:

Stay tuned for more blog posts, events, and surprise airdrops by Jams2blues Creations LLC.

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