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Record Breaking NFT Collaboration on

20 international artists came together to collaborate on an animated artwork known as "20 Visions of Peace Love and Unity". It is a 1/1 NFT minted on the best carbon neutral NFT platform Several emerging artists, many veteran exhibited artists, and a few voice superstars all worked together sharing their individual innovations in order to create one of the most unique collaborative pieces in the NFT space worldwide.

We live in a universe where our minds create the world around us. Alone, we are strong, but together, we are invincible. Coming together from all walks of life and from all over the world, 20 artists combined their unique styles to depict their vision of peace, love, and unity. This world needs more of these traits. The world needs more peace so our children grow up with less trauma from tragedy and war. We all need to stop judging each other and put our differences aside in order to create a better world for those to come. The most powerful virtue we can have is love. Every human is capable of giving love, even in the hardest of times. Love can forgive and heal anything. Unity is the synchronization and cooperation of multiple minds and hearts working towards a common goal. Without unity, we have no peace and love. We need to be patient with each other. We are all beautiful walking flaws, deserving of understanding and forgiveness. Fun and Joy are meaningless without these elements.

Overall, this single 46 second long piece took us about 2 months to realize. Working with 20 artists from all over the world all in different time zones is a challenge, but we did it! A special thanks to 80sNFTs, and Jasmine Moon Designs who both contributed to the organization and communication with so many artists, as well as put in the time to create a piece for it. I am James Lee, my fans call me, "The Maker of Rainbows", and I am known as @jams2blues virtually everywhere online (Even on Ps5, and Steam). I wanted to create an uplifting soundtrack and animation for this collaboration, and put in at the end nearly 72 hours of labor to get the end result, which I was satisfied with after having made 20 different versions of it that were all too big, or too anomalous. The trick to creating an NFT of this Caliber is patience. Voice, like most of the NFT platforms available, is limited to 100MB of upload space per NFT, so it can be a challenge for animations as complex as this one, with so many texture changes and movement to remain as high quality as it is beyond 45 seconds to 1 minute.

I want to give a special thanks to all the amazing artists involved in this collaboration, each one is unique in their own right, and spent countless hours each contributing a piece to this amazing final Kinetic and Sonic Fine Art piece: @yugen , @Verset420 , @sashapaintings , @KxMxLane , @jasminemoon , @aneliart , @zorb(Father @Fog City NFT) , @weirdone , @srchappell , @samkim , @marvinnft , @amandavz6 , @80snfts , @zedtrafficker , @tonystreetz , @shepdogshep , @reddryan , @raheemnelson , @arredi(aka Putb.tkn), @jams2blues

The previous record for the largest collaboration on Voice was a piece entitled "Earthly Wonders" that had 10 members, which I was also a part of, and a few members of the current record were also a part of. it is a 10/10 editioned static artwork, this piece was minted during earth month, in which Voice planted 10 trees upon minting this artwork in their partnership with Ecologi. In this endeavor Voice ended up helping during that month, plant over 48,119 trees!

I drew the trippy dragon 🐉. so far 3 of the 10 editions have sold as of 9/7/2022. This collaboration included people from all over as well, and was a lot of fun to work with so many artists. Collaboration is where it is at! Meeting new people, and learning different styles. Everyone has such a different point of view, but together we created something spectacular, unique and contemporary. I absolutely love working with other artists, and am glad to collaborate with just about anyone.

The world of NFTs is a deep sea of art and mystery, music, animation, poetry, and utility. There is so much going on, doing this all alone can make one feel lost, and insignificant. Nothing remedies this better than reaching out to fellow artists, and collaborating.

We have so many more collaborations with so many more artists that can be found on our collaborative/main art page as well as so many art donations and collaborative pieces for charity on our charity account, We do this for the love of creation, innovation, art and music. We can't get enough, and are excited in our journey to: "Save The World With Art™!"

Stay tuned for more insane record breaking innovations with Jams2blues Creations LLC, we have so many more in the works, and one that could soon potentially even beat this one! We are always improving, adapting, and evolving in the fast paced and ever changing world of the fine arts!

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