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Winners of the 7th #j2bartcompetition: Life and The Future

Selecting winners from the countless entries for our art competitions is never easy. This time around, the rules alone made it easier for us. Unfortunately, so many entrants didn't read all the rules to our art competition's tweet and were immediately disqualified. Some people forgot to tag #j2bartcompetition, as well as follow @ledropwcheese, include their process, or to simply mint and paste a link to their NFT on OBJKT. That being said, none of this takes away from the two winning entrants that set our imaginations on fire.

Congratulations Nepo Atem for being a winner in Jams2blues Creations LLC's 7th official art competition. Your artwork stood out among so many entries, and your innovative thinking set your entry apart with the theme of "Life and The Future". Your technique and process really impressed us, as well as how they both played into the theme perfectly in ways nobody else thought of. You are a talented artist with original ideas and we are more than grateful to celebrate this with you! On your entry "A flower for the future", you pushed the limits of the concept for life and the future and created an artwork that speaks for itself.

Congratulations to Sasha Mihajlovic for winning the 7th art competition held by Jams2blues Creations LLC. Your entry was absolutely sublime, and stood out as an original beyond so many other entries. You captured, and are capturing something that this art competition's theme of "Life and The Future" is in desperate need of. Your innovative ideas and push to make traditional art and web3 symbiotic shows graciously in your entry "Grooves, Nº8: Blues" to push beyond the limits of figurative abstraction, into something that will certainly stand the test of time. Congrats to you and we look forward to seeing more from you, and thank you for thinking ahead of your time! I will never get tired of supporting art, as an artist myself for over 20 years I have made it a primary aspect of my life. Art is a monolith and testament to our fleeting existence in this universe, and is vital in our cognitive developement as a species. Simply being an artist has personally made me better in all areas of my life. Creative thinking breeds invention, innovation, and critical thinking. We fully support every winner of all 7 of our last art competitions and go through great lengths in curation to ensure originality, quality, and reliability in auctions, secondary sales, and the pursuit of all things fine. To see these artworks in a massive virtual display we have created using a "Crab Nebula" floating in space, please visit our Virtual Galleries on where we also like to hide easter eggs for fans and followers to find hidden rewards. Keep creating, keep innovating, never stop sharing the love of art and creation in this world. Life is so incredibly short, and our imaginations are one of the best things we can leave behind, so that future generations may build upon us and themselves. Plant trees,

Support Artists,

Save The World With Art™ Jams2blues

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