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Abstract Alien Love, 3rd Art Competition by Jams2blues Creations LLC

Congratulations to the 3 winners of August 2022's art competition by Jams2blues Creations LLC. The theme of the competition was Abstract Alien Love. This theme was voted for in a twitter poll in @jams2blues twitter community in late July before August's monthly art competition started, and July's ended:

The winning NFTs purchased by James and Anna Lee above are from left to right as follows: Two aliens in love become three, by Weird One NFTs ; Abstract Alien Love! by Nuwan Shilpa ; and Undying Love by Joie Nemezys . Selecting winners for this August's art competition was so difficult. If we could have we would have bought more winners this month. there were over 45 entries made on Jams2blues pinned tweet thread for the competition.

Abstract art has it's origins dating as far back as the 19th century. There are many genres of abstract art, and even more subgenres such as the modern styles of non-representational classes of abstract art like Fauvism, Expressionism, Cubism, and neoplasticism, all the way to more 20th and 21st century methods of surrealsim, optical art, and contemporary abstract forms. It is such a huge field of art, and probably the most popular of all. Selecting winners was very difficult this time around. We stuck to the theme of Abstract Alien Love and selected these three winners out of so many amazing and gifted talents based on uniqueness, bravado, composition, and Innovation of the theme.

The winner's NFTs are currently displayed in one of Jams2blues Creations LLC's virtual art galleries. James Lee (jams2blues) created a custom Spatial gallery from scratch for this exhibit, of which there are hidden easter eggs within the gallery itself. One of the easter eggs, is $50 in USDC, which has already been found by @jasminemoon. There are still plenty of hidden airdrops to be found:

I would like to give a special thanks to all 45 participants in Jams2blues Art Competition for August! I'd also like to give a shoutout to the top 25 honorable mentions of this amazing art competition. each of these artists deserves a follow, and check out their amazing NFTs. I've personally already bought something from most of them: Lucinda Lyons Art , KxMxLane , 80sNFTs , Ahamartist , Moses Love Boniface, Alix Bache , Deano , Sandra Wichman , D1460 , SRChappell , Jasmine Moon Designs , Web3 Horizons , PaxRomanArt , Marcus Correa , Victoriza , StoneNFT , Avanzar , Ivan aka Ephemeral , Eib00n , Constantine Nicholas , LordErwin , Zahi , Michael Phillips

Here you can visit August's twitter thread and see all the entries for yourself! RT your favorites, and leave some feedback for these amazing contestants, and the honorable mentions:

Get ready for September's art competition, it is going to be themed: Space. Anything goes, any style, it is simply an NFT competition this time, so music, poetry, art in any genre, animations, you name it, it is fair game! You never know what Jams2blues Creations will do next, and anyone has a chance at winning. We choose unbiasedly, and do not cherry pick favorites. Our goal with these art competitions is to garner positivity and friendly competition, to spread the love of art and creation, and it is a small part in our journey to: Save The World With Art™!

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