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From Photo-Surrealism to Abstract Alien Love. July 2022 Art Competition winners and August's Intro!

July's art competition was loaded with amazing entries for the topic of Photography/photo art, with the theme of surrealism. Surrealism is very hard to nail with the subject of photography. Surrealism is Jams2blues Favorite genre of art. It encompasses the Uncanny, the magical, Alien, Off-putting Juxtaposition, fantasy, and dream-like qualities of such artworks from the likes of artists like Salvador Dali, H.R. Giger, and Rene Magritte. Surrealism is deep, and is subconscious. It is even unconscious as coined by it's co-founder and theorist André Breton as: "Pure Psychic Automatism". Automatism is the performance of thoughts or actions without Conscious thought or intention.

Congratulations to July's winners of the Surreal Photo art competition, Anna Lee and I had such a hard time picking just 3 winners, that we ended up awarding 4:

Be sure to follow their social media links inside these voice profiles, and watch how far they go! They are each unique in their own ways, and exemplary examples of fine art NFTs available on the best carbon neutral NFT platform Voice.

So many amazing entries made it into our pinned tweet thread on twitter, where Jams2blues Creations LLC buys 3 NFTs every month from winning participants in a monthly art competition hosted on Voice. It takes a while to curate all the entries, and then to pick finalists for the wins based on: originality, composition, best capture of the competition's theme, technique, and Bravado. The winners' NFTs are then purchased and exhibited in permanent paid virtual galleries on spatial, where the auctions are live, and the galleries themselves are full of hidden easter eggs like: hidden airdrops, and many more amazing and jaw-dropping surprises yet to be revealed. That is not the end of the rewards for participating in a #j2bartcompetition, winners also get a google optimized permanent blog post, a one month long feature on @jams2blues pinned twitter thread, a pinned Instagram Reel , and Official art competition Certificates of achievement signed by both Co-Founders of Jams2blues Creations LLC. These Exhibits and certs are good for portfolios, CV's, and bragging rights. This is all a part of Jams2blues Creations dream of uplifting art communities, emerging artists, marginalized communities, and Saving The World With Art!

You can see for yourself why we had such a hard time choosing from all the winning artists on twitter submitting their entries. So many great people and extreme talent to choose from were in this tweet. Honorable mentions from artists like: Aham , Deano , Love From Gaia , 80sNFTs , KxMxLane , Rachele Chappel , Joie Nemezys , JayHood , Artvisionᴺᶠᵀ, and so many more! We hope to see you entering future art competitions, as simply entering one of our competitions gets you exposure, and people have been known to buy NFTS from our pinned twitter thread before and after the competitions end. We quote retweet every entry, and give entrants a special rare airdrop for participating from the Synesthetic mind of James Lee, President of Jams2blues Creations LLC, an Optical-Surrealist and multidisciplinary musician/artist.

This month's art competition for August 2022 is themed: Abstract Alien Love, picked by popular vote in a twitter poll release by Jams2blues. The competition is now live, and can be viewed in Jams2blues Creations LLC's pinned tweet thread, along with last month's winners, and lots of new entries from artists all over the world. Be sure to comment, like, and retweet your favorites!

Stay tuned for more events, competitions, giveaways, games, galleries, merch, fundraisers for charity, and more from Jams2blues Creations LLC. Support artists, support art, support each other, and share the love of creation. Save The World With Art™

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Thank you for everything James.

I think this month's competition will be huge. I've seen so many entries on twitter even for now. Good luck to all! 👽💚

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