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Octahelix: Journey Beyond the Kaleidoscope - A Mobile Masterpiece

Today, we're stepping away from the familiar kaleidoscope and embarking on a journey into the vibrant, transformative universe of 'Octahelix'. This isn't just a mesmerizing spectacle - it's the pioneering exploration of a new realm in art and science, meticulously designed for the perfect fullscreen experience on your phone.

At first glance, 'Octahelix' might resemble a kaleidoscope. But look closer and you'll uncover a realm of fractal-like scaling, symmetrical transformation, and saturated colors. Each eight-pointed star spirals down into the smallest perceivable size, forming a dynamic pattern that's constantly evolving.

This animation is an exploration into a new field of geometric and mathematical exploration: Counterchange Tessellation Fractals. Defined and designed by #jams2blues, this new field delves into the subconscious mind, dimensions, pattern generation, image analysis, and real-world applications. It's a testament to the power of art and science and the beauty that can be created when these two fields intersect.

Since the invention of wireless communication and radio, we've been searching the stars for intelligent life. The Signal is one such theoretical construct of optical counterchanges that portray intelligent information in the form of a 2 dimensional square image. Although it might not mean anything off first glance, there is a lot of geometric, color, and frequency related information that is far advanced for the existence of such an image to occur naturally. Humans, as far as we know, invented the RGB color wheel, and the color scheme inside this image contains the entire rainbow in 180 degrees contrast in hue. every geometric tile and shape contains basic geometric information, congruencies, rules for coloring, and proportions, bisecting this image mathematically and artistically to produce an ideal "Signal" or universal artwork that can store loads of abstract and conceptual information, that could only be understood by intelligent life, let alone life that would also have to be able to perceive light like we do. Understanding such an image would also require their cognitive development to be similar enough to ours to interpret physiological illusions the way we do, as their minds might even be so much more advanced that this image appears dull and flat as opposed to our overstimulated minds being overloaded by perceptual information. Perhaps the alien species that comes across such an image wont be able to see it at all...One day we will perhaps know.
"The Signal" by Jams2blues

As an artist, my journey has always been about pushing boundaries, exploring unseen realms, and creating digital canvases that come alive in the palm of your hand. 'Octahelix' is a step further into this fascinating world, a perfect blend of science and art.

For the full impact of 'Octahelix', I recommend viewing it fullscreen on your phone. on one of my social Reels like Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube It's designed specifically for mobile platforms, delivering a transformational visual journey right to your fingertips. And for those interested in owning a piece of this mobile masterpiece, 'Octahelix' is being minted as an NFT on objkt.

Step into the dance of colors and shapes, let 'Octahelix' take you on a journey beyond the kaleidoscope, and witness how art and science collide in the most visually captivating way right on your phone. Until next time world,

Jams2blues Plant trees,

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