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J2B 4th Art Competition Winners, "Space", and October's Spooky competition

Congratulations to the winners of September's "Space" Themed art competition. in the image above from left to right we have "Wormhole" by Michael Nelson , "Sasha's Hybrids Nº01 - Under the Skin" by Sasha Mihajlovic , "The Whacky Race Through Space." by Beenie O'Heney , "Beyond" by Thirteen , and "Love is Love 2" by Ben Griffith. Go see their virtual exhibit on Spatial. All of their artworks are on sale and you can click on the info panel by each to go directly to their auctions.

Choosing winners from September's art competition was certainly difficult this time around. There were a lot of entries to go through on this tweet thread: click here. Each artist in this thread put in wonderful effort into a friendly art competition, and it was indeed hard to choose winners this time around, I don't think it ever gets easier. Some entries were immediately disqualified for using royalty free, unoriginal content. At Jams2blues Creations LLC, we highly encourage artists to make 100% original creations, so we take our time curating winners and looking for potential intellectual property rights violations, with exception of artists who provide proper licensing for their fan art or collages.

The winners were selected by myself and my wife and CEO of J2B creations LLC, Anna Lee. We chose artworks based on originality, composition, capture of the theme of space, and story. Not all artworks used what most considered the theme: "Outer Space", as the theme was just "space". I would like to give a special congratulations to Sasha Mihajlovic for being the only entry in the entire competition that thought outside of the box according to the expected theme, and utilized space to it's maximum in their composition with great utilization of form. I also had the pleasure of meeting Ben Griffith in person, where he made his entry into our art competition shortly after I purchased a signed print from him of "Love is Love 2" in his art tent at the Murfreesboro, TN Pride festival 'Boro-Pride'. Each of these artworks is a dramatic encapsulation of the use of space, while all carefully paying attention to composition, use of contrasts, focal points, and the use of the them "space". Be sure to give their profiles a visit, and follow their social links in their profiles to keep up with their progress!


the rules are always on my pinned tweet, and at the top of my linktree for anyone wanting to join October's art competition. The theme will be: Spooky/Halloween and entering is super simple, please watch this short 45 second video on how to apply:

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